Pelican Point in Georges Bay – Depth Profile

St Helens Marine Rescue took a depth profile of Pelican Point today. Depth wise it is the best we have seen for a long period of time. Mariners are urged to take care when transiting this shallow section of Georges Bay. Take note of the time and tide data when these readings were observed. I f in doubt always seek local advise. We are contactable on 0408 817 359 or VHF Channel 16 from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Depth profile Pelican Point

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2018 AGM & Preparing for Summer


Members are invited to attend the 2018 St Helens Marine Rescue Annual General Meeting (AGM) Sunday October 21st. The meeting will commence at 11:00 am, followed by a BBQ.

Preparing for the Summer

All boaters are encouraged to prepare for the upcoming recreational boating season. I can thoroughly recommend boat owners and skippers check out the MaST web site for a very comprehensive checklist that details all aspects of your vessel. Once completed boaters can be confident the season will be safe and enjoyable.

The link is: Boat and Gear Checklist




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St Helens Barway Camera is Up and Running

St Helens Marine Rescue is proud to announce the Barway Webcam is now operating. This was a combined initiative of Marine and Safety Tasmania (MaST), State Government, Tasmanian Electronics, Tas Water & Communication Services and Lyndcraft Boats.

Barway Camera view along the Sea Wall

Barway Camera view along the Sea Wall

The technology enables our operators, at the base, to have a spectacular 300-degree rotational, real time view from Burns Bay boat ramp, to the Barway and around to Pelican Point. Additionally the webcam has incredible zooming capability along with the ability to capture snapshots and video of the area. Our Base Station is 6 nautical miles from the bar. With this development it will enable our radio and on water operators to assess accurately the conditions on the barway from the Base. Members of Marine Rescue worked tirelessly against many challenges to produce an outstanding technological outcome. We extend our appreciation to all contributors to this magnificent enterprise.

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Drive off – Drive On Trailer Tips

Boaters are oh so familiar with the embarrassment of a mishap on the boat ramp when launching and retrieving. Chances are there will be amused onlookers enjoying your situation. I have discovered a number of excellent YouTube videos that will give skippers a few tips on launching, docking and retrieving from and to your drive off/drive on trailer. All of us have invested a significant amount in our pride and joy. So, it is imperative one upskills and practices the art of boat ramp manoeuvres. Don’t forget the helper is an invaluable assistant in successful launching and retrieving.

There are so many variables to consider; to name a few – wind, tide, ramp gradient, depth of water, other vessels.


Alistair McGlashan provides an excellent demonstration of how to Launch from a drive off trailer.


Pulling alongside a jetty, pontoon or wharf can also be challenging.  Again Alistair McGlashan has put together this video: Docking alongside


To complete your day you now have to retrieve your vessel. May I suggest you watch Alistair McGlashan’s demonstration of the techniques you may employ. Retrieving


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New Life Jacket Regulations come into force in 2021.

Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) have embarked on a terrific programme to encourage fishers and boaters to update their Personal Flotation Devices (PFD).

Check the Australian Standard (AS) number to verify your PFD

Check the Australian Standard (AS) number on your PFD


1 January 2021 is the date that all life jackets in use in Tasmania will need to adhere to the new standard AS 4758.

To make the transition easier for the public, MAST will provide $20.00 vouchers for all old jackets (PFD 1, 2 and 3).

Life jacket voucher

Life jacket voucher

How will the voucher system work? Simply follow these steps:

  1. Attend one of the locations when advertised on the MAST Facebook page, website or in the public notices of the three major newspapers
  2. Take your old PFD1, 2 or 3 along with you;
  3. Receive a voucher issued by MAST and have your old jacket marked;
  4. Take your old jacket to a Boat Safe or Paddle Safe partner as listed on the back of the voucher, purchase your new jacket and leave the old jacket there.

We will issue up to four vouchers per person, but you will need a jacket for each voucher. Only one voucher can be used per new jacket. For a family of five, it signifies a $100 discount on five jackets. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash and expire on 31 December 2020.

A Boatwise Education Evening will be held this Wednesday at the St Helens Marine Rescue’s Base.

Boatwise Evening at 6:00 pm, Wednesday 21st March.

Boatwise Evening at 6:00 pm, Wednesday 21st March.

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