Emergency Response

November 1 – St Helens Marine Rescue was tasked to respond to a flare sighting east of Piccaninny Point. This sighting, was regarded as significant and required the deployment of Search and Rescue (SAR) assets. Tas Police’s marine rescue vessel Protector IV, RV Georges Bay and AMSA’s SAR jet Rescue 330 were deployed. Rescue 330 dropped a life raft and radio beacon at location.

Rescue 330’s Track from AIS
RV Georges Bay tracking to radio beacon dropped by Rescue 330

After an extensive search and the retrieval of the life raft, with no PoB, all assets were stood down and returned to their respective Bases.

RV Georges Bay returns to Burns Bay
AMSA’s Rescue Jet – Bombardier Challenger 604
Rescue 330 attended this emergency