Rescue on the high sea

Second major rescue in a fortnight took place last Sunday 23rd April. In this activation a yacht had battled high seas and engine failure from Flinders Island to 5 nautical miles Northeast of Binalong Bay. St Helens Marine Rescue were called out by Tasmania Police evening prior to assist. Given the hour of the day, the prevailing weather forecast and most importantly the situation was not life threatening the decision was to delay the rescue till the following morning. Early Sunday morning RV Georges Bay launched and went to the aid of the stranded yacht. A tow was undertaken, crossing the Barway and at the same time escorting two vessels into Georges Bay. Once near the wharf the yacht was rafted alongside and taken to dock at the St Helens wharf. A team effort from our volunteers included Base Station Radio Operator Tracey Morris, Crew aboard RV Georges Bay Geoff Barcham, John Fair and John Sullivan.

Yacht under tow followed by two under escort across the St Helens Bar Way.
RV Georges Bay’s Track to the stranded Yacht.
Rafting and docking at St Helens Wharf.