Month: October 2014

St Helens Marine Rescue Responds

Sunday the 19th of October, 2014 gave Tasmania a reminder of the upcoming summer and the potential for fire. Bush fires are very much a part of the Australian landscape, St Helens was made aware and received a salutary reminder of

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Visitors to Break O’Day

Power of VHF Radio Sunday 12th of October, 2014, New Zealand yacht (catamaran) “Lucia” calls on channel 16 at 0745 hours. The skipper was seeking passage across the St Helens bar into Georges Bay. Conditions were good for a barway

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St Helens Is Open For Business

Notice to mariners visiting and enjoying the North East of Tasmania. The summer marine season is rapidly approaching. The sunny east coast is a mecca for maritime pursuits for yachters, boaters and professional fishers. Georges Bay is an outstanding recreational

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