2022 SAREX

The operation commenced at 7:00 pm and concluded at 10:00 pm. Emergency responders from SES, Tas Police and Marine Rescue participated. Seven of our incredible volunteers were involved on the water exercise aboard TasPol Investigator IV, Marine Rescue vessels Larapuna and Georges Bay. Two members were controlling the operation from the radio room. The exercise was most successful in that the missing persons were found despite the weather conditions and the total darkness. There was John Hagg, John Dearing (aka JD), John Fair, John Sullivan, Darren Agar, Vicki Hardie, Geoff Barcham, Mark Caine, Ken Clark.

After an exhaustive two-and-a-half-hour search the mannequin with an EPIRB signal was discovered discovered at 2130 hours in extreme shallow waters off Stieglitz, see the bottom image for details.

This was an outstanding success. In April 2012 a SAREX was conducted. Please go to the history of posts from the archives.

Georges Bay track
Vessels queuing for launch
John and John aboard Larapuna
Georges Bay in the channel alongside nav marker 2
Georges Bay under lights
Mannequin discovered at 9:30 pm.