Rural Placement Students at St Helens

Sam and Elizabeth During Escort of Charon

Sam and Elizabeth During Escort of Charon

Two pharmacy students recently visited St Helens under the Rural Placement Program. The program is designed to give students an oportunity to develop an understanding of, and an interest in rural health issues.

Sam and Elizabeth (3rd year pharmacy students) visited Break O’Day Council recently to observe the workings of this isolated community. During their visit they were shown around the St Helens Marine Rescue Association’s facilities and given an understanding of our activities.

Sam and Elizabeth were taken out to sea to get a feel for an emergency situation and were on-board the Break O’Day when the yacht “Charon” was escorted over the barway. This gave them a good understanding of the difficulties of barway crossing and the problems the port of St helens has with Pelican Point.

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