News Update

  1. Ian and Fairleigh Hollingsworth have stepped down from active service in Marine Rescue. They have been a pivotal part of our Association, carrying out executive roles, being available at all times for radio and telecommunications, ensuring the daily running and maintenance of vessels and maintenance of the base facilities. Their loyalty and unswerving service is very much appreciated by all involved in marine rescue. Both Ian and Fairleigh are eager to point out they remain members of St Helens Marine Rescue.
  2. The new President of St Helens Marine rescue is John Dearing (JD to those who know him). John takes over after the recent stepping down of our immediate past President Jim Imlach. John brings a depth of experience and energy to the role, we wish him well.
  3. Marine radio operating times have changed: 0755 hours for weather, 0810 for the commencement of regular hourly schedules until 1910 hours. The mobile phone contact remains the same on 0408 817 359.
  4. St Helens Marine Rescue is in need of radio operators. This requires joining a dedicated band of rostered operators during the day. If you have an interest in marine recreation and would like to make a contribution to marine safety then we are keen to hear from you. Qualified marine radio operators would be very welcome, however qualification training and certification is available.  .