Breaking News – SAR vessel Georges Bay can now tow

This is a very important announcement to mariners covered by St Helens Marine Rescue.

A review of the stability data for the SAR vessel “Georges Bay” was undertaken by our Naval Architect. We are pleased to announce, subsequently there has been a revision of the vessel’s certificate of Survey (dated 10th February, 2016)  now states:

“Towing to be carried out strictly in accordance with instructions in the Stability Handbook, Revision B”

It must be noted these provisions conform with “National Standard for Commercial Vessels” (NSCV).

Essentially this means Georges Bay can now tow under the following Caveats:-

1. Towing operations are restricted to smaller vessels such that:

  • the towed vessel does not exceed about 6 tonnes displacement or 12 metres in length,
  • must be able to achieve 3 knots tow speed or greater or else discontinue the tow,
  • tow speed does not exceed 4 knots for larger vessels or 6 knots for vessels up to the size of the Vessel itself,


  • vessels which are FREE AFLOAT and NOT AGROUND,
  • during DAYLIGHT HOURS ONLY outside Sheltered Waters.

2. ALL crew shall be trained in towing operations and associated emergency procedures.

3. The towing rig shall incorporate appropriate shock load and quick release features.

4. A RISK ASSESSMENT for EACH TOW shall be carried out by the crew BEFORE HOOKUP.

On behalf of St Helens Marine Rescue we are delighted to make this announcement. Our services are now in full swing, the state of the art vessel, “Georges Bay”, is ready and able to provide for mariners well being and safety of mariners in North Eastern Tasmania.