Drive off – Drive On Trailer Tips

Boaters are oh so familiar with the embarrassment of a mishap on the boat ramp when launching and retrieving. Chances are there will be amused onlookers enjoying your situation. I have discovered a number of excellent YouTube videos that will give skippers a few tips on launching, docking and retrieving from and to your drive off/drive on trailer. All of us have invested a significant amount in our pride and joy. So, it is imperative one upskills and practices the art of boat ramp manoeuvres. Don’t forget the helper is an invaluable assistant in successful launching and retrieving.

There are so many variables to consider; to name a few – wind, tide, ramp gradient, depth of water, other vessels.


Alistair McGlashan provides an excellent demonstration of how to Launch from a drive off trailer.


Pulling alongside a jetty, pontoon or wharf can also be challenging.  Again Alistair McGlashan has put together this video: Docking alongside


To complete your day you now have to retrieve your vessel. May I suggest you watch Alistair McGlashan’s demonstration of the techniques you may employ. Retrieving