Drone video of the St Helens Bar/Mariner Safety with VHF radio/MaST post

Video of Barway

Recently a community member from St Helens flew a drone over the St Helens Bar. It graphically illustrates the new extension sea wall and most importantly the movement of sand around the edge of the wall. The video was shot on the 5th of November, it can be found via this link:

Drone view of the St Helens Bar

VHF Radio Mariners may be aware that St Helens Marine Rescue is a marine rescue base station. Daily we monitor vessels after they log on to our VHF radio service. With this communication skippers log on giving details of vessel name, launch location, people aboard, present location, destination, estimated time of return and finally log off at the end of the day. Throughout the day our radio operators provide this monitoring service in order to give mariners an added level of safety.

St Helens Volunteer Marine Rescue encourages all mariners to log on to utilise this service. It is an added extension to the safety measures already aboard your vessel. Call us on VHF Channel 16, once received the operator will ask you to go to Channel 71 to take down your details.

MaST message

MaST has issued a timely reminder to all skippers with the opening of the 2016/17 crayfish season. This can be seen on MaST’s Facebook page or by going to the following link:

MaST Facebook  Post

Safe and enjoyable boating for the upcoming summer. Remember prepare well, check the weather and definitely zero alcohol aboard.