Georges Bay Sea Wall Extension Underway

The extension to the sea wall at the  entrance to Georges Bay St Helens is finally underway. This is a milestone event after many years of research, planning and engineering. With the completion of the wall  it is hoped this will overcome the shallow waters of the barway. The planning suggests with a  longer sea wall there will be increase tidal flows. This will then have the effect of  gouging out the sand bar hence deepening the channel. The images below were taken on Wednesday the 21st of September, 2016.

Mariners are advised to take care when entering Georges Bay. St Helens Marine Rescue will keep viewers up to date with progress.

St Helens Marine Rescue is on standby to assist vessels seeking assistance to navigate into Georges Bay. We can be contacted via VHF Channel 16 during mornings or mobile 0408 817 359.

Excavator levelling the stone in place forming the wall
Excavator levelling the stone forming the wall
Dump truck off loads stone
Dump truck off loads stone