St Helens Marine Rescue soon to be affiliated with Surf Life Saving Australia

St Helens Marine Rescue and Surf Life Saving Australia have agreed in principle to become affiliated. We would be retainingĀ our name, St Helens Marine Rescue, as well as our uniform. We would, however, becomeĀ an offshore arm of Surf Life Saving Australia. The affiliation would bring benefits to the two organisations that share the same objectives of serving to protect and educate the public and render assistance to persons in distress.

With the affiliation, Surf Life Saving Australia’s experience, resources and the extent of its operations Australia-wide could be leveraged to provide a better service to the communities in North East Tasmania. It would also allow both organisations to make better use of expensive and scarce resources such as rescue vessels and aircraft.

This is promising to be an exciting time for all members of St Helens Marine Rescue as new opportunities develop. Watch this space for more news once the agreement with Surf Life Saving Australia has been ratified by both organisations.