Hunters Products Sponsors St Helens Marine Rescue

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Matthew Hateley and JD at the presentation
Matthew Hateley and JD at the presentation

Hunters Products is a most welcomed sponsor of St Helens Marine Rescue. They are a proud and loyal Tasmania Company providing hygiene products state wide since 1948. Hunters employ Tasmanians as well as contributing generously to community organisations. St Helens Marine Rescue is thrilled to receive Hunter’s sponsorship. Their contribution will go a long way towards meeting our cost of operations. This generosity is a clear endorsement of their motto , “We make it in Tasmania”.

Matthew Hateley of Hunters Products presented President John Dearing (JD) with sponsorship outside Marine Rescue’s Base Station. JD expressed his delight and appreciation of Hunter’s support.

For a full range of hygiene and cleaning products check out Hunter’s web site.